"We’re well over forecast, we’re 98%+ sold out, and we’re booking further in advance.
MaxiRate helps us balance WSHH’s supply and the market’s demand.”
Susan Kelly
General Sales Manager
(412) 875-9500

"Works great! I wish I had access to this with more of my stations."
Glen Tacinelli
Sales Manager
Eastman Radio
New York City
(212) 424-6228

"I'm a big fan of your system: It's logical. It's simple. And it has constant support."
Alan Serena
VP/Market Manager
Renda Broadcasting Corporation
(412) 875-9500

“MaxiRate has been a great replacement and great upgrade.
I already know what rates I need to hit our 2011 forecast, and I manage it all online. No software.”
Judy Reich
Renda Broadcasting Corporation
St. Louis
(314) 378-2838